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There is a short answer, and a long answer to the question, “Where do I Get Inexpensive Gluten-Free Ingredients?”

I’ll give you the short answer first–because if you like Asian and Mexican food, you may have already figured this out:

1.)  Regular grocery stores with a large selection

2.)  Asian food stores

The longer answer, and what this blog is intended to do, is demonstrate that if you cook in regional cuisines that don’t use wheat–specifically ThaiChinese, Japanese, Mexican, Ecuadorian, and old Irish and Scots recipes–you don’t need all the fillers and workarounds to make good food. The three big things that are added are potatoes, masa, and rice flour.  Image

If you’re buying rice flour it should be from Thailand. It’s too hot to grow wheat in Thailand, so if it’s milled in Thailand, it’s rice. It’s also less than $2.00 a pound U.S.

If you’re buying corn, most of the corn flour sold is not gluten-free. However, Maseca masa is gluten-free. (more…)

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