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I’ve been really busy doing fun things like the Austin Celtic Festival, and I’ m feeling guilty about neglecting my cooking and my cooking blog, so this morning, after checking into work for a few hours, I cleaned out parts of the refrigerator, and decided to make crock pot red lentil soup with what I scavenged in the attempt.  This is my atonement for wasting some perfectly good food–just cut off the bad parts and save what you can.  You’ll feel much better about yourself.


1 tsp fresh grated ginger

1 tsp turmeric (more…)

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A soul cake is a little raisin cake cookie.  They have an incredibly long history in the United Kingdom and the various occupied territories;  the Irish first distributed them to the poor on Samhain, which is the Celtic New Year on October 31st and November 1; and, they’re related to All Souls Day, which is a Catholic holiday–but people also give them out at Christmas. 

(The old Celts did tend to muddy the waters about  various holidays, kind of like some people think eggnog should be served from Thanksgiving to New Years.  These aren’t quite as much fun as the eggnog.) (more…)

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