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One of the things I’m always looking for, is gluten-free flours that started out gluten-free before someone figured out you could charge a lot more for flour if it’s gluten-free. For example, cornstarch has been made for at least a hundred years. Cornstarch is $2.00 a lb. U.S.  These are so good that someone insisted on eating 2 out of 3 waffles.  Image (more…)

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Toad in the Hole

So it’s finally a little cooler outside.  The dogs strained at their leashes, “Mom, we want to walk more, ” for the first time since May.  That means I can use the oven, and not worry about heating up the entire house.  That means it’s time to bake, something, or maybe several somethings.

This is a pretty standard Scottish recipe;  it’s a good example of using what you have on hand.  The recipe asked for a deep baking dish; I have an oven-safe cast iron pan, and it’s one less dish to wash.  The recipe also asked for pork links;  I had the flat kind.  And, they asked for fresh parsley.  Nope, didn’t have that either;  dry parsley flakes are fine.


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