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There have been a lot of these, floating around the blogosphere, in raw blogs. While it’s a good idea, the thought of eating raw collard greens is a little, um, bitter? However, swiss chard, blanched for a minute or two, makes a wonderful sandwich wrap.  Image (more…)

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Southern Fried Thai

O.k., well, it’s not entirely Thai:  that is sort of the point–you should be able to substitute ingredients to use what you have on hand.  In this case, that means I substituted swiss chard where you could also use broccoli rabe, chinese cabbage, or collard greens. The recipe starts where a lot of my favorite recipes start, with organic, no preservative bacon for breakfast.   Leave the bacon grease to cool in the pan in which you cooked it.  


at least 1/4 cup bacon grease 

block of firm tofu

1 1/2 cups of some kind of green leafy vegetable other than lettuce (more…)

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 A “priddy oggy” is a pork and cheese suet crust pasty.  Credited to the town of Somerset in Britain, they are a more modern version of Cornish Pasties. (Rhymes with nasty, not hasty.)

It’s an example  of  one of my favorite kinds of food, fat on fat:  it has pork, milk, and beef fat in one tasty package.  (Although it’s low glycemic index, so there’s that.) (more…)

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