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Yellow Bunnies, yo.

So, I’m standing in the grocery store, looking at towering piles of candy with great trepidation–how many packages will I have to turn over to find the gluten-free” label?  If I buy something and get it home, will I have to spend an hour on Google, only to find out that the manufacturer has said something like, “Due to the high volume….yadda yadda yadda”.  How was I going to find some gluten-free candy for my gluten-free kid?  (Me!)  Also, I didn’t want to spend much.  There was a cheery “99 cents” sticker above my nose.  Behind that, was a package of the sort of pink that is reserved for drag queens, the Queen Mother’s Easter Hat and some rooms on the violent ward.  Perfect.  I turned it over.  And on the back, it said, “Gluten-free.”  So go get some.  (They’re fat-free, too.)

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