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I decided to make bannocks, or Scottish oat cakes and Cockaleekie Soup, because I have a cold and I wanted chicken soup, but not the traditional chicken soup.  This is a fairly time-intensive recipe, the sort of thing you should probably only make when you’re home with a cold.

Historically, this is part of a Burns supper, which is a dinner held to commemorate the life of Robert Burns, who was a Scottish poet who lived 1759-1796.  It ‘s like a big party;  online descriptions have scripts with multiple exhortations like, “Not too insulting.”  Burns suppers also usually involve Haggis, which I have no intent of attempting.


Bannocks are an exercise in becoming Zen.  They taste fantastic, but because oats dry fast, and they crumble, not every oatcake will come out whole;  they also dry fast enough that it is hard to know how long to cook them.  If they start to smell even remotely burned, it’s time to flip the entire kit and caboodle, regardless of whether or not you’re sure it will stick together.  Like I said, it’s very zen.  Let it go.


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